Calendar and corporate gift Security Bank 2015 "Made in China"

Savings Bank is an universal lending institution with a wide range of services.
To develop a design of the desk calendar for the Savings Bank for 2015.
One of the oldest traditions of Savings Bank is to go to the seas and oceans on the threshold of the winter holidays and to find original and bright ways to let the Old Year out and the New Year in!

"Made in China"

This year we realized that Asia is calling us, mysterious, unpredictable, shocking, and turning on ones head the view of the world, people, gods and Asia itself. And after thinking about Asia, we have decided - China! Because there is hardly any other country on this contrast planet about which we would have heard so much - and know so little. We wanted to sneak behind the cheap screen, plastered with annoying inscriptions Made in China, and to see the distance there, endless like the Great Wall of China, diverse like warriors faces of Terracotta Army, mind-blowing like dizzying skill of Chinese circus, rich like the history of the Celestial Empire.

Red design paper decorated with gold embossing and Chinese dragons, the symbol of good initiation.

If you think you know a lot about China - this calendar will surprise you. It turns out that everything weve using for centuries, was invented by the Chinese wisemen.
Architecture - suspension bridge;
Finance banknote;
Astronomy calendar;
Crafts porcelain;
Aeronautics - a kite balloon;
Techniques - scales and Pan-Po wheel
Kitchen - ice Cream
Industry - silk
Comfort - umbrella
Literacy - printing
Martial Arts - Wu Shu
Pyrotechnics - fireworks
Of course, it is not everything that was invented or created in the Celestial Empire, all the achievements and discoveries are written in the book.

Each time, creating a new calendar, we are wrapped up in the studying of the material. Working with such theme, it is important to withstand the style and the accuracy of using different techniques. Fonts, calligraphy, illustration everything is thought out to the last detail. Checking each page of the calendar you can surely say this is Hand made.

Everything that was planned on the paper and was implemented in the paper. The basis of the calendar carved in the form of a Chinese pagoda. Red design paper decorated with gold embossing and Chinese dragons, the symbol of good initiation. This calendar became a perfect complement to the banks corporate gift.

This year SB Banks presents were authentic as always. The original souvenirs have been brought from China to Moscow by a special flight. This is the "gourd", a vessel for storing liquids, made from the calabash. Specially published golden series Reasonings in sayings by Confucius and original vodka from snakes. The gift was accompanied by a scroll, where we told the legend of every item and its emotional purpose.
Such approach and scrupulousness in the selection of gifts are very important. Having received such a gift, you will immediately understand its value and originality. Therefor you need a good idea and a desire to be not like everyone else!