Creative communications agency Yellow Dog was founded in 2003. Basic position of founders - be independent creative group, who propose original authors design in graphic design, advertisement and branding still strong today as well as in the very beginning.

Working with well-known companies and experience in winning tenders are formed creative credo of the agency – build communications between brands and customers. For us, design is an instrument, which allow companies and brands talk about their products, activities and services, using beautiful, interest and clear language. 


From year to year, with every new project, we are improving this language. Striking illustration of these improvements are comments and recommendations of our clients, prizes and awards on professional festivals and competitions.


At present time, we provide services in all the spheres of branding and design, which oriented on long-time or local communication with customer: annual reports, multipage issues, advertising campaigns and brand promotion, development of corporative style design, packaging and presentation cases.


We are developing and realize both small tasks and huge projects, using all necessary resources.



  • Stanislav Sverdlov
  • Larisa Grudzina
  • Ilya Mitroshin
  • Diana Malysheva
  • Alexey Popov
  • Yana Ionova
  • Andrey Gorkovenko
  • Svetlana Belous
  • Sanya Sutkin
  • Galina Shipova
  • Vladimir Alekseev
  • Maria Egorova
  • Artem Zhukov


  • Creative

    Our agencys main specialization was and still remains the development of non-standard and original solutions for brand promotion. It can be both local actions and major advertising campaigns. In the basis of every project we are putting the idea, the message, on which the brands communication with customer is being built.

  • Corporate calendars

    We do design of wall, desktop and quarterly calendars. Every corporate calendar crafted by agencys designers has an original idea and modern design. Its fair to call it handmade calendar.

  • Annual reports

    Annual reports for a long time have been and remain to these days as one of the main specializations of our agency. The agencys portfolio includes about 50 multipage publications, most of which are annual reports. We still manage to find a unique and inimitable style of presenting the information and create an original brand image for every customer.

  • Branding

    Branding for us is a long-term strategy of positioning and promotion. We are developing a communication style, a dialogue between brand and customer. In our age of information, technologies and communications wins and acquires fame the one who speaks, who is actively involved in peoples life, who creates something new. We develop a brands communication language, which helps it to declare itself brightly and loudly.

  • Corporate gifts

    Exclusivity - the most important characteristic for corporate gifts. Under our agencys belt there are dozens of original gift solutions. Working on corporate gift we are avoiding clichés and patterns to create truly unique, memorable and inimitable objects for each customer.