TransContainer Annual Report

Private leasing company in the corporate segment of leasing in Russia. It occupies the 4th place in the ranking of Russian leasing companies and is one of the top 20 largest leasing companies in Europe by the capacity of the new business.
To develop the design of the annual report.
The Transfin-M company's activity has a great importance for the development of business in our country. Thanks to leasing operations, the lessee company can complete by itself the task of modernization and development of production without investing their own funds. In point of fact, thanks to the activity of Transfin-M any company in the transport industry in a short period can make a qualitative leap in the development of their business.

The idea of the annual report - "set in motion"

Having examined the specifics of the leasing operations, the idea of the annual report was born - "set in motion". Any business (large or extra-large) needs a "narrow specialist" company, as a pilot or tug that can help bring a huge ship to the port. We represented the company Transfin-M as such tug. For example, a small but powerful tractor delivers the aircraft to the runway, the slogan - "ready to take off."

So we have illustrated the financing of leasing transactions for the purchase of aircraft ownership. Developing the idea of motion and transport, we have added a picture of the companys interests with the following subjects: Leasing of railway transport, the slogan - "Accelerating the development" illustration - rushing locomotive, leasing of the machinery and vehicles, slogan - "Raising assets" - container loading.

Any business needs the "narrow specialist" company

The design concept of the annual report, the dynamic layout perfectly reflected the words of the Council Chief Mr. P. O'Brien: "The company does not stop on the reached and is always ready to grow its business. In the nearest future Transfin-M plans to enter into other segments of the leasing market, so that the strategic plan for the 2014-2016, special attention is paid to the creation of several additional support industry-specific business areas, such as:. Aircraft leasing, machinery, vehicles and water ships. "

"Accelerating the development", "Raising assets"