• Ilya Mitroshin 
    Svetlana Belous 
    Alexander Shprinz
    Galina Shipova 
    Stanislav Sverdlov 

Raiffeisen Bank Annual Report

Raiffeisen bank Russian bank, member of first-rate international banking group, founded in Austria.
Develop annual report design for 2010. Annual report was to show Russian banks succession in relation with Austrian group, their interaction.

It was necessary to reflect relations between Russian bank and Austrian group using art and culture of both countries it was wish of the client.

In Austria were born many greatest compositors and musicians Mozart, Strauss, Schubert, List, Haydn, Bruckner, Minkus, and Gluck. It is interesting to note that Russian compositors and performers were inspired by music of the Austrian musicians. They continued, developed and popularized their musical art in Russia. Thereby we found idea for annual report Austrian cultural traditions in Russian performance.

For realizing of this conception we used music all the spectrum of compositors creation as well as performance skills.

On half titles of the report we represented Austrian-Russian pairs of famous musicians: Leonid Sobinov played part of Christophe Glucks opera Orfeo ed Euridice, Jan Frid shot film Die Fledermaus (the bat) based on operetta of Johann Strauss, Anna Pavlova danced part of Dulcinea in ballet Don Quijote based on the music of Ludwig Minkus etc.

Through the parallels between Austrian and Russian art we showed Russian banks succession in relation with Austrian group, but with own national unique style of working.