• Ilya Mitroshin 
    Galina Shipova 
    Stanislav Sverdlov 

Annual Report Non-Government Pension Fund of electrical energy industry

Non-state pension fund of power industry is one of the leaders of Russian pension management market. Clients of fund are not only companies of United Energetic Systems of Russia holding, who collaborate with fund during long period, but also private persons and companies who operates in different sectors from different regions of Russia.
Develop design of annual report.
Different hobbies became base conception of annual report, and this not accidentally. From point of view of majority, report is serious document with financial results, graphs, tables and so on. But we wanted to show that all this serious information written by usual people. Finally, everybody can have a hobby, which attaches additional sense to our life. And sometimes, we think, that it would be great to dedicate yourself to favorite hobby in pension age.

We wanted to show that all this serious information written by usual people.

That is reason, why we designed the half-titles of different sections of report with pictures of different hobbies: Diving, Ski, Fishing, Chess, Flower-growing etc. Important to notice, that it is not abstract set of hobbies, but this is real hobbies of fund employees, from president of the company to heads of departments. By the way, you can see all these people we placed their photos on pages of the annual report, and it became more lively.