• Ilya Mitroshin 
    Svetlana Belous 
    Alexander Shprinz
    Galina Shipova 
    Stanislav Sverdlov 

Corporate gift National Standard

Natsionalniy standard bank
Develop design of corporate souvenir

Creating gift for Natsionalniy standard bank, Yellow Dog designers supported best Russian traditions and devoted gift to the Russian entrepreneurship and history of it.

Characters of the game are well-known manufacturers in different industries in pre-revolutionary Russia

As is known, thanks to Russian manufacturers, entrepreneurs and merchants, Russia became powerful and leading State, with advanced staple industries and banking sphere comments creative director of the agency, Ilya Mitroshin undoubtedly, these people enhanced economics, culture and social order of the country.

For corporate gift for colleagues and clients of the bank was developed economical board game Manufacturer. In this game, we remade standard concept of economical board games, and presented it in historical way.

Characters of the game are well-known manufacturers in different industries in pre-revolutionary Russia. These historical personalities contributed to Russian industries development, founded standards of business making, standards which implied charity, spirit of patriotism and boldness.

Participants enhance different industries from the very beginning, arranging their activities

Money Cards Mint and Fortune Cards Mortgage Tokens set
Money for game is currencies with elements of Russian empire heraldy. There are banknotes values of: 1.000, 5.000, 50.000 and 100.000 conventional units for purchasing. These cards need for payment or penalties. Many of cards contain real events of pre-revolutionary Russia. These cards with images of factory buildings, production processes in old-fashioned print style devoted to real shops, plants and factories of Russian entrepreneurs. We used images of people of various classes and social statuses: Lady with the dog, merchant, peasant woman with yoke, hussar, General of the Army, coachman, young lady, noble duelist etc.

Original and functional gift emphasized historical succession of Russian banking and express ones respect to founders.