• Ilya Mitroshin 
    Sanya Sutkin 
    Stanislav Sverdlov 

Advertisement Sibur Holding

Sibur largest petrochemical company in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Develop series of modules for publishing in printed matters, dated to year of Chemistry. Being leader of Russian petrochemical industry, Sibur decided to use symbolic informational cause for image advertising publishing.
The United Nations announced 2011 International year of Chemistry. A lot of profile events were dated to this year, Sibur was one of the participants as largest company in petrochemical industry. Advertising modules in printed mass media should support image of the company as well as image of industry in whole.

Chemistry helps us to make new discoveries in related sciences, spheres, technologies

We decided to tell about great merit of Chemistry in aspect of quality of life improvement, provision of necessary technologies, materials; about role of Chemistry as a catalyst of innovations and inventions. Common slogan of advertising models: 500 years of great discoveries in Chemistry. Nowadays chemistry discovers the world. became a pivot of conception. On the modules we showed chronological concatenation of discoveries made in Chemistry sphere, and central images showed, how all these discoveries used in

present time for the conquest of new heights, space and ocean depths exploration. In other words, nowadays Chemistry helps us to make new discoveries in related sciences, spheres, technologies. All the images, used in modules, were related to production activity of the Sibur with materials and products of petrochemical production.