• Ilya Mitroshin 
    Boris Bendikov
    Konstantin Riganov
    Andrey Gorkovenko 
    Stanislav Sverdlov 

Promotional materials AlkoRuss

AlcoRuss exclusive distributor of popular brands of vodka: Beryozovie brunki, Medoff, Mernaya, Izhitsa.
Develop series of advertising layouts for brand Beryozovie brunki. Main purpose of advertising layouts was to rejuvenate image of the brand, which apprehended only through the prism of purity and naturalness of receipt for a long time.
Brand Beryozovie brunki has long been known for customers, in thanks of unique production technology and unsurpassed quality. Promotion of the brand was built on incarnation of naturalness and purity. Immutable attribute images of birches and birch buds, which practically became symbols of the drink.

We decided represent nature component exactly like nature
of Russian soul wide, open and natural

We met challenge to refresh advertising appeals, which were modified only as rule of the company. Also, positioning of the brand only in segment of naturalness loosed its currency gradually. We wanted to apply to emotional environment; heartfelt components of the brand. We didnt forget that customer of Beryozovie brunki is a city dweller, and nature in his mind associates with country house, camping etc. This image caused limited seasonality in consuming. That is reason why we decided represent nature component exactly like nature of Russian soul wide, open and natural.

Soulfulness in our nature this phrase became slogan of advertising series, which described not only drink, but also situation of consuming and peculiarities of Russian soul. We developed three layouts with its own toast: For freshness of the ideas! Hammock between birches in a forest, For freedom of choice! Ties took off from the necks and hanged on the birchs branch, For joy of victory! Football ball in a forest between improvised goal, where posts are birches.

Thereby, brand communicates its naturalness through the soulfulness, anti - glamour joy of simple and clear feelings of pleasure.